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Ruespari: What's in my bag?

Every rider has a list of neccessities they carry with them in their bag or trailer when competing in horse shows. Some items are predictable and on every rider's list, other items you never would guess a rider would carry that! I had the chance to ask a few of Ruespari's brand ambassadors what their go to items to have in their ring bag are.


Gwyneth Babington

Age: 15

Instagram: @gwynethbabington

Farm: Kevin Babington LLC

Boot Polishing Kit- I fill it with normal & liquid polish, buffer, brush, rag, a shiner sponge.

Helmet- When I don't have it on I keep it in my ring bag so that I always know where it is. I ride in a Samshield.

Hairnets- I have a ton of hairnets all the time because it's so easy to lose or break them! I usually prefer to use the one knot brand.

Spurs and Crop- I tie my spurs together and have a ring for them which makes them really easy to swap out. I also always make sure I have a crop in my bag incase I need to use it on whoever I may be riding.

Extra Bit- I usually have a plain snaffle in my bag because it seems to come in handy a lot. If I'm riding a horse that sometimes changes bits or reins, I will make sure to have the other equipment with me.

Sticky Spray- Not all trainers are a fan of it, but it's always good to have some on you.

Vet Wrap- I always have a roll in handy in case equipment breaks or for any other unexpected reason. It can be really useful in a variety of situations.


Ellie Ferringo

Age: 16

Instagram: @ellie.ferrigno

Barn: Findlay's Ridge

Tide Pens: I am a very dirty person so when I get stains all over I can cleam them up easily!

Extra Hair Ties: I have to carry a bunch of extra hair ties because I have really thick hair! A common problem for me is my hair ties breaking.

Safety Pins: I always make sure I have plenty of safety pins because you never know when a button will fall of your coat.

Chapstick: I keep chapstick in my bag because one of my nervous habits is to apply chapstick every few minutes.

Boot Polishing Supplies: In my bag I carry a towel to wipe off my boots, kiwi "parade gloss" boot polish, a shining brush, and a halter fuzzy to shine my boots. I like to always have my boots as clean and shiny as possible.

Lucky Stock Tie Pin: I use this specfic pin because it used to be my grandmother's. I have it in my bag so if I have to do a class where I need to wear a stock pin, it's ready to go.

Crops: I carry a short crop and a long crop with me. I like to use the longer horse crop for my jumper classes and the shorter pony crop for my equitation classes.


Gabrielle Sokolow


Instagram: @gabriellesokolow

Barn: Mokoto Farms

Lucky Belt: I always keep my lucky Ruespari belt in my bag with me because it brings me good luck while I'm showing :)

Gloves: I always show with gloves, but sometimes I forget to put them on! To make sure I don't forget, I always keep them in my bag rather than my pocket so they don't fall out.

Spurs: I always have a variety of spurs in my backpack in case I need them with the different horses I'm riding.

Helmet Cleaner: My helmet can get pretty stinky easily, so I like to have this to freshen it up.

Treats: After my horses are perfect in the ring, I like to give them either peppermints or Snaks 5th Avenchew.

School Stuff: My notebooks and textbooks from school; I am the kind of person that is always on top of my school work!

Water Bottle and Snacks: Having water and enough to eat is super important so you don't get dehydrated or lightheaded before you go in the ring.


Benjamin Davis


Instagram: @benjamindavis_

Barn: Bridlewood Farm and Stepping Stone Farm

Tide to go: I have this so I'm prepared if I get any stains on my outfit.

Boot polish: so I can blind the judges when I go into the ring with my shiny clean boots. I also keep a rag with me to, to dust them off before I polish them.

Strings: Extra strings for my show numbers, they're easy to lose!

Tums: For those stressful days to help ease my stomach.

Shoes: I keep an extra pair of shoes with me so I don’t ruin my boots before I go in the show ring.

Sticky spray: So I can ensure my leg stays solid throughout my time in the ring.

Gum: So after I eat my meals, I have fresh breath.


Augusta Iwasaki

Age: 14

Instagram: @augustaiwaskai

Barn: Makoto Farms


Boot polish: to make my boots nice and shiny before I go in the ring!

Gloves: I carry a few pairs of gloves in my bag, I have specific show gloves and schooling gloves I wear.

Chapstick: My lips always get so chapped, so I carry a few in my bag incase I ever lose one or forget one in my trailer.

Crop: I carry one in my bag incase I switch horses or if someone from my barn might need it!

Safety pins: I always like to keep some extra safety pins incase I have a wardore malfunction and need to make a quick fix!

Wallet: Never go anywhere without it; especially if I need a mid day horse show snack.

Book: Incase I have some down time in between my classes, I like to relax and read.

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