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TPH REVIEW | Ruespari Belts

A few weeks ago the founder of Ruespari, Adrienne Marciano, sent a care package to my house for me to check out her new line of belts. I’d been eyeing these beauties since the summer when I first saw them on all these riders at Devon. I unboxed my package and inside I found 2 adorable little bags with the bright aqua colored logo printed across them. First impression: I need to buy a pile of these for Christmas Gifts. The gift bag is such a lovely unexpected touch.

Inside Adrienne had sent me the Navy and Raised Silver Surcingle belt and the Black with Gold Clasp Belt. The silver surcingle detail is SO cute! Who ever thought taking the detail off a horse blanket and turning it into a belt clasp would be such a cool touch? The gold clasp on the black belt feels just a touch fancier. I’ve enjoyed pairing the black belt with slate grey breeches and a white sun shirt. It shows off the gold clasp perfectly. Now – comfort. The elasticity of these is seriously perfect. Once I feed them through the belt loops of my breeches I have that nice belt security feeling, but with movement. I can lean down in the barn and boot my horse without my belt cutting into my stomach, I forget I’m wearing a belt, and my breeches are staying in the right place. Win, win, and win!

It goes without saying I receive compliments on my Ruespari’s each and every time I wear them. My barn mates love them, and the woman at the grocery store complimented my belt last week as she scanned my groceries in the checkout line. Thank you Ruespari for bringing this new accessory to equestrian fashion. They are an absolute winner and Plaid Horse gives them a 5 Star rating across the board!

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