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BEHIND THE BIT | Blog: Ruespari Review


Hope Glynn. Liza Towell Boyd. Just a couple names of well-known riders that love Ruespari belts and what they stand for. Well, add me to the list! The motto “Be Flexible” indicates just how flexible their belts are. They allow you move freely, all while never coming unclasped and being stylish as ever!?! Two of the most successful hunter and jumper riders wear them, while flying over 4’ jumps. When competing in classes with jumps this large, you need to feel the most comfortable and confident all while your belt stays clasped and allows you to move freely. I sprang on the opportunity of asking of the most decorated hunter riders on the west coast, Hope Glynn, what she liked most about her Ruespari belts. “The best thing about Ruespari is the wide, stretchy fabric is not only flattering but super comfortable. I love using the black belt and moving the buckle under my shadbelly for a sharp look”. I’m sure once you have one of these belts in your hands you will feel the same way! I was given the opportunity to get a Ruespari belt and the minute I opened the package I was surprised. Not only is the belt amazing, but it comes packaged in a super cute drawstring pouch with their logo on the front. I have worn the belt every time I’ve ridden since I have received it, and will not settle for anything else. You can tell these belts are beautifully made, with invisible stitching so the belt looks nicely put together. I got the Black Diamond with Gold Clasp and I cannot even express to you how nice it is. I currently hold it above every other belt in my collection, and just ordered 3 more. The belt itself is made of a stretchy material that provides for a custom fit. This molds to your waist, and can be worn by someone up to three sizes larger. For example, in the womens’ belts, the size S/M can fit waists from size 24 to 28. For children, this belt is a great buy because even while they are growing, their belt will last. The designed belts have to be my favorite because they have a texture! The clasp, even when the belt could be a bit big on you, will never come undone. This is part of what makes these belts so special. The belt I tried and love is the clasped ones, but they have another style buckle which is called the surcingle. Overall, this belt deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+⭐️. 11 STARS! Thank you so much to Ruespari and Hope Glynn for helping me with this review and coming up next: All Ears App Review!

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