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CARACOL | Summer Trends for Equestrian Frashion

ELASTIC BELTS The equestrian world has gone through a lot of trends when it comes to belts. We had ribbon belts, fabric belts, nameplate belts, and now we have the elastic belt. This could be attributed to equestrian apparel company, Ruespari. Their motto is, “Be Flexible”, and their belief that a belt can be both comfortable and functional. It wasn’t until the Devon Horse Show this past week that we ran into them and had a chance to learn more. Adding to a great design, they manufacture their belts on the Philadelphia Main Line, right near the show grounds. If you didn’t catch the company name, you’ve probably seen their belt as the featured, “Devon Blue” belt that sold like crazy at the show. Celebrities of the equestrian world, including Patricia Griffith, Andre Dignelli, and Kaley Cuoco, give Ruespari belts two thumbs up. Let us know what you think of these Ruespari Belts, yay or nay?

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