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The Patten Standard | Hannah Patten

Hey guys! If you have been at horse shows this summer you have probably seen Ruespari belts around the show grounds. Ruespari is a new company that just celebrated their one year anniversary at Devon this year. Their belts are unique in their own and can be spotted almost anywhere. They are cruelty-free and made in a studio down the street from The Devon Horse Show. The designer, an equestrian at heart, has been competing at horse shows for a good part of her life. She wanted to create a more functional belt for the modern equestrian, and she did just that with the creation of Ruespari. THE LOW-DOWN All the belts are designed with the equestrian in mind. Specifically, they lay flat against your waist with none of the bulk of a regular belt buckle. This design is really nice for a seamless show-ring look. Also, they are brilliantly designed so they will not unclasp while you ride (a major plus for someone like myself that seems to always get jumped out of regular belts). This design is awesome because I have more things to worry about when competing than my outfit. As riders, we aim to be stylish but don’t want to worry all the time about an uncomfortable belt. Ruespari has definitely changed the belt game for equestrians by designing a one-of-a-kind comfortable and stretchy material that moves with you. With Ruespari, there is no break in time required. All you have to do is: decide which of the many designs you like best (honestly the hardest part is choosing just one), pop it on, and you are ready to ride! These belts are breaking the #standard; they come in two sizes that stretch to fit anybody comfortably. Most riding belts only come in black or brown leather. But personally, I love to add a subtle pop of color to my look. Ruespari belts come in so many unique colors- like their classic Devon blue, Summer pink, Turquoise, and Orange. They even have a diamond sparkle belt which is a definite must-have for anyone looking for a little glam in the ring. DON’T RIDE HORSES? For all the non-equestrians out there, Ruespari belts are for you too! I love pairing one of their belts with a pair of jeans to add a unique flair to my outfit instead of just a boring black belt. Ruespari belts are sure to turn heads at any event you attend!

Equestrian or non-equestrian, everyone should have Ruespari in their life. So check out some of my favorite Ruespari belts below and visit their website to see all of their stylish and innovative products.

Talk soon,



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