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How did we come up with this concept?


Our designer is an equestrian that has been competing in show jumping competitions for most of her life. While riding clothing has evolved into much more functional and stretchable materials, riding belts have not. Riders are athletes and therefore need to be as comfortable and flexible as any other athlete while competing. These belts were designed with the rider in mind, but the colors, patterns, and functionality of the designs make them appealing to everyone! 

Why do we love our belts?

Each belt is unique, classic, and beautiful.

Our belts stretch, flex, and conform to your waist for an ultra comfortable and custom fit. Our belts feel like your most comfortable old leather belt without looking like it!

They are exquisite with any outfit: equestrian or every day. Each style is specifically sourced for its unique color, pattern, style, and quality.

They will never spontaneously unclasp and come open.

All of our belts are handcrafted in the USA.

Because they bend and conform to any shape, they also take up very little space in your closet or suitcase. You can even keep one in your smallest handbag at all times so you never forget a belt!

We think you will love our belts as much as we go on and "Be Flexible."

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