#RIDEFORKBABS Autographed Kid's Belt


The recent events of Olympian Kevin Babington’s tragic fall at the Hampton Classic was the inspiration behind this Limited Edition Charitable belt. Kevin is a very accomplished rider, but even more importantly, a father to two beautiful girls, a loving husband, and a wonderful friend to so many. To know him is to love him. He is the most genuine person and has the most work ethic of any person at the horse show. It wouldn’t be odd to see Kevin grooming his own horses, dragging a ring, mucking stalls or stacking hay on any given day.

The result of Kevin’s fall that forever changed his life is a catastrophic spinal cord injury. He is currently in the fight to regain back his life and the equestrian community is forever changed. We wanted to do our small part in honoring him and creating something uniquely to him. We had his permission to place his personal autograph on a belt and proceeds of this #RIDEFORKBABS belt will go to the Babington Family. The proceeds will help with medical bills related to Kevin’s fall and assist the family in any other expenses related to the injury.

The month of September is “Spinal Cord Awareness Month” and we will offer this belt to raise awareness for Kevin’s injury while offering assistance to the Babington family through the sale of this belt. We want Kevin and his family to know that we are in this fight together because we are going to #RIDEFORKBABS.


INSPIRATION Behind The Belt: Kevin is someone ive admired for almost my entire life and he is like family to me.The last text correspondence I have to Kevin was 8/28 (two nights before his accident). In the text I was asking him for his “autograph” (signature) for a friend who is working on a visa in the states. His instant response to helping my friend, “Ok. Sure” with no hesitation. Kevin was unusual for a person of his stature because whenever anyone asked for a favor, he was always accessible and he would do whatever he could to help anyone. Life can change in an instant and we will fight with him together and #RIDEFORKBABS

Color: Caviar
Buckle: Gold Surcingle

Monogram: Kevin Babington Autograph

Shamrock: Symbolizes Love, Hope & Faith.



Width: 1.5 Inches

S/M: 6-10
M/L: 12-16

Please note: we are able to offer only two sizes because of the elasticity of our material, which provides for a custom fit


**This belt is available for PRE-ORDER: Please be patient with shipping as we are expecting this belt to be very popular and an overwhelming number of orders. Approximate Ship Date: by 10/07/19 or later**